Collaborating with Clients to Drive Innovation

At Conifer, we drive innovation by gathering data that’s hard to get, identifying patterns, creating frameworks, testing prototypes and pioneering ways to generate long-term value from ethnographic research.

Clients come to us with a deep desire to learn more about what their customers want.

Conifer specializes in delivering new insights in response to tough challenges. We frame research questions and customize data collection efforts to provide the breadth and depth needed to generate meaningful insights.

At the end of this process, we deliver user insights that shape the development of new strategies, products, services and messages.

Some of our techniques:

  • Self-documentary activities
  • Observation & shadowing
  • In-context interviewing
  • Fixed video
  • Journey mapping
  • Secondary research
  • Synthesis of prior research

Insights are powerful. Translating insights into action is empowering.

Conifer partners with clients to translate insights into business opportunities.

We pair these newly identified opportunity spaces with strategic recommendations to energize and guide innovation efforts.

We design deliverables that facilitate collaboration and build deeper understanding of your customers.

Some of our deliverables:

  • Visually immersive decks
  • Information models & frameworks
  • Video collections
  • Concept sketches
  • Low-fidelity prototypes
  • Dynamic participant co-creation & client ideation workshops

Testing and iteration move prototypes forward with purpose.

Rapid testing of prototypes in real-world and lab environments is critical to the iterative design process. It is also a smart and relatively inexpensive way to develop confidence in products and services prior to a full-scale launch.

With over a decade of deep testing experience, Conifer has developed a comprehensive set of unbiased best practices that efficiently test new concepts at any level of fidelity.

Following a testing cycle, Conifer delivers detailed recommendations to improve subsequent iterations of prototypes.

Conifer extends the value of ethnography to drive MOR™ innovation.

Observational user research is time-consuming and resource intensive, so it makes great sense to maximize its value across your organization.

Conifer has defined a new standard in the industry with the development of MOR™, a patented web-based platform designed specifically to extend the value of user research.

MOR™ allows Conifer researchers and client teams to immerse themselves in rich data from the field and identify themes and connections across projects. With MOR™ we can work together to share insights, reexamine data and inform new research opportunities across your organization.