A Landmark Year

We had fun sending out this holiday greeting to our partners, friends and colleagues this week and were delighted to see so many people take us up on our “landmark challenge.”

Given the response, we thought we’d share the backstory on how this all came to together.



Earlier this year, we kicked off a yearlong longitudinal study for a client – one with over 100 participants across the US.   For a study like this, long-term participant engagement is essential, so the team decided to create something that would help remind participants of their ongoing role in the project.

The final result was part imagination (thanks to Conifer’s creative designers), part inspiration (thanks to Chicago’s amazing architecture) and part manipulation (thanks to a super-cool laser cutter).

And off they went to the research participants.

Then a few weeks ago, we were kicking around the idea of a holiday greeting, and one of the team members grabbed some – you guessed it – powdered sugar and turned the cityscape into a mini winter wonderland.

Based on the feedback, it was a hit.

(Although based on the number of correct answers we received, our Chicago landmark challenge was pretty tough!)

Here are the answers:

Willis Tower
Cloud Gate – Millennium Park
The AT&T Building
Chicago Board of Trade
The Conifer trees!
The Hancock Building
The Navy Pier Ferris Wheel