The Best Insights Begin with Thoughtful Questions

Conifer’s work starts with a question, and from that question we develop a customized approach designed to generate meaningful insights. Each project is unique, but our work is organized broadly into three types: Projects that Explore, Projects that Grow, and Projects that Refine.



Exploring realms beyond current product or service offerings, and uncovering user needs that point to the richest business opportunities moving forward

Could a pharmaceutical company make something other than a drug to treat Type II Diabetes?

What are 20-somethings looking for when deciding where to eat?

How will TV viewing change as viewers migrate from linear broadcasts to streaming?



Growing current business strategies and knowledge to maintain momentum and build differentiation from competitors

So, if measuring ingredients isn’t the most fun part of cooking, then what is?

Do bathroom tissues have the power to impact the overall experience of hotel guests?

Can cream cheese move off the bagel and beyond breakfast?



Refining prototypes of products and services through close customer observation and real-time feedback in both lab and real world environments

Can one meal in a new restaurant environment change brand perceptions built over a lifetime?

What information is important to customers if precious cargo could report its own vital signs?

Is it just a closet remodel, or is it the embodiment of the American dream?

What’s your question?

A question is a great way to start a conversation, so if you have some that you would like to discuss, please contact us. We’d love to hear them.